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Playoffs, Finals, and Champions

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Larry Farman and Jamie Hanley work on computing the scores from pool play to seed the top 64 teams into the playoffs.

When the Playoff list is complete, everyone crowds aground the table to see where they are seeded.

Bob fine and Ken Kaas rake one of the pits

to get it ready for the playoffs.

"John Henry" works up a sweat as he 

pounds the spikes on the railroad at a 

wild pace, in an attempt to beat 

that new-fangled steam-driver... 

Hurricane Ivan - Revisited!

(Well, sort of...?)

Missouri / Wisconsin team - Farthest Traveled - Rick and Gary Walters with Organizer Ken Kaas

(Note: A team from Arizona came on September 18 but could not make the rescheduled WQC date)


Jerry Reitmeyer watches as Chick Price

pitches into the evening sun

In the Finals, a lot of money is on the line, 

so every pitch is measured carefully 

by referee Larry Farman... 


Another close call requires calipers to 

determine the closer quoit. Billy Conrad

intently observes the measurement!


Ken Kass concedes defeat as he "bows down" 

to Jason Conrad, one of the soon-to-be

2004 World Champions.

Final Championship Results

Third / Fourth Place finishers - $200 cash prize

Keith and William Conrad of Team Conrad

Third / Fourth Place finishers - $200 cash prize

Rick and Gary Walters  of the "Midwest Ringmasters"

Second Place Finishers - $500 cash prize

Ken Kaas and Bob Fine of "Fine-ally Big Time"

The 2004 World Quoit Champions! - Billy (left) and Jason Conrad of "The Rookies."  For their hard effort, they won $700 cash, 2004 World Championship Jackets, 

and a set of solid Brass USQA Quoits! 

We'll see you both next year at the 2005 WQC!

The Conrad Family Quoiting "Dynasty"
The 2004 World Quoit Championship was taken by storm by newcomers Jason, Billy, Keith, and William Conrad.  Brothers Jason and Billy were crowned the new 2004 Champions, and brother Keith and their father William Conrad finished the playoffs tied for 3rd place.  Between them, they took home almost half of the cash prize money in the tournament pool, along with a pair of Championship jackets and a set of solid brass USQA Quoits.  The Quoit Master wanted to find out more about this family of Quoit-pitching powerhouses, so he asked them how and why they got started pitching quoits.  Bill Conrad Sr. relates his humble beginnings:

"I started throwing quoits at a fairly young age. My mother and father used to play, and I learned from them. We did not have the entertainment options that are available today, so we threw quoits to occupy the time. I got my first set of quoits when I was eighteen and still have them today - 4 pounders - although now they probably weigh closer to three pounds from all of the pitching we did!  Years ago, I would throw in dirt pits with my brother-in-law, almost every night of the week.  Now, I would take anyone of my sons for a partner anytime we play.  I love throwing quoits, but to be successful you have to be good, consistent, and maybe even lucky. I thought we did very well in the tournament, better than anyone of us expected, even though we had to play against my other two sons in the semifinals. The only thing that could have been better was if we would have won it ourselves. I am looking forward to next year's tournament - and to knocking my sons out of the championship!"

Bill's son and WQC partner Keith added:

"Growing up, quoits was a large part of our picnics and parties. If you were old enough to pick a quoit up and throw it, you played. If it is possible for quoits to be bred into you, then we were all blessed with that ability. Quoits has always been a competitive sport that our family takes rather seriously; however, it was usually just for fun - and, of course, for bragging rights!

At the tournament, we realized when we made it to the semifinals and had to play against my brothers, it would not be easy.  We were sure it would come down to three full games, and perhaps even down to the last throw. Depending on the day, anyone of us can easily beat the other, although our Dad probably still holds a slight edge over all of us. The tournament was very enjoyable.  We did not expect any of us to make it as far as we did, and it was definitely something we will remember and talk about for the rest of our lives. As a brother to the "Chimps" - I mean, the Champs - I'm sure I will have to listen to this for the rest of my life over their victory. I was glad they won, but I wish it was us that would have won instead!"

The Conrad Family Quoiting Dynasty poses at home.

Back row: Bill Sr. and wife Gloria Conrad;

Front row:  Brother's Keith, Jason, and Billy Conrad

And finally, The Champions themselves had this to say about the 2005 World Quoit Championship, as well as observations on their performance at this year's tournament:

"Do we have a chance to repeat as the Champions? We realize that it will be tough to defend our title.  However, we refuse to just roll over, so expect us to come back fighting at next year's Championship! 

It was not easy winning the Championship; in the second round of the playoffs we were down one game and were losing 20 to 12 before coming from behind to beat the Jailbirds. Later, in the semifinals, we were down 20-14 against Team Conrad, and again came back from behind to win the round. The only thing that could have been better was beating our dad and brother in the Final round instead of the semifinal round. And even though it seems tough throwing against your father or siblings, it is just as tough for us to throw a game of quoits against our mother - she is just as good as the rest of us!

We are looking forward to defending our title next year, but obviously we will no longer be going by the name of “The Rookies”. We want to thank all the other teams for a great day of fun and competition. By the way, don't you think we look good in our new Championship Jackets?!


"The Rookies" Jason and Billy pose with their Championship Jackets and their set of Brass trophy quoits.

Keith, Jason, Billy, And Bill Sr. each pose with one of the USQA trophy quoits made by the Crescent Brass Company in Reading, PA . 


Molding the future Conrad Quoiting Dynasty:  Billy and Jason are preparing the next generation

of Conrads to compete in future World Quoit Championships:  Billy's Daughter Julia and Son Zachary

both receive some "professional coaching" as they work on their pitching form and accuracy!

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