2004 WQC - Photo Page 5

 On the Sidelines

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The Wolfes (white shirts in foreground) await their next match along with a crowd of other anxious players.


The Three Musketeers?


The Cisco Brothers were a friend of mine...


T-shirts! Get your T-shirts Heeere!...

...This guy got one!


Billy supplied 20 pizzas for lunch, selling them by the

slice to all the hungry players.  I'll take two 

with Anchovies, Please!  Mmm!

Big Dog's girlfriend Holley grabs a couple slices before all the pizzas disappear - The pile of pizza boxes

is going down fast!


Mr. Mosera relaxes in the food tent with a fine stogie!

Mrs. Mosera and Grandma Mosera (left)

guard all the food!




George Satko works-off the 6 slices of the pizza he just ate for lunch... Hey! No Nappy Time at the WQC, George!

- You Snooze, You Lose!  That's what Kenny said!


Randy Kelly scoffed: "The heck with Pizza! I want something with a little more protein - like this worm!" 

And then he actually ate it...


Tailgating in the parking lot at halftime.


Psst! Hey Buddy... Wanna buy a fresh-grilled steak -

Real cheap?

There's "natural food" at this tailgate: These branches are loaded with some sort of berries.


During a break in the action, the next generation of Quoit pitchers practice honing their skills...

"Dang, I knew I shouldn't have drank that last beer...!"


Grab some Quoits and go warm up, Ladies!

Marlon Brando stars in the 2004 remake of

"The Wild One"

Need we say... uh... Less?



Do Preying Mantis like to drink strange brew?

...Maybe not, but this-here guy sure do!


Tim Van Horn and Billy Tricoski of "Team Bowlhead(s)"

Need we say more...?

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