2004 WQC - Photo Page 3

Players in Action Part 1

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Karl Smith launches a quoit over the heads of other 2004 World Quoit Championship participants.


"Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how..."


Mikhail Baryshnikov practices his routine

at the Bolshoi Ballet

Hey, I saw this guy at the top of the Quoits.info homepage!


That's a ringer!  3 points for Gold!


Ben Bernard, of the 2003 Championship team

the CQQC Masterquoiters, pitches against ???


In the opposing pit, Ben's Masterquoiter teammate

Mark Snoberger airs one out against ???


Cindy Krimes releases her first quoit.


Mike "Big Dog" Mosera prepares to throw.

His property was used for this year's WQC.

Big Dog uses calipers to measure a close call

between two opposing quoits

 Marc Pentheny of The Blues Brothers takes his best shot.

The next generation of Quoit pitchers hone their skills...

Nice! That's 4 points for Black!  

George Satko concentrates on his form as he plays

an intense game of...uh...Croquet...?

Jamie Henley launches one skyward against

his opponent ???

Ken Kaas lets one go while his partner

Bob Fine, wearing a 2003 WQC T-shirt, looks on.


"Kracky" Koval follows through on his pitch.


Randy Kelly "raises his hand if he's Sure"... Sure hope his deodorant is still going strong!

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