2004 WQC - Photo Page 2

 Pre-Tournament Activities

Sunday, October 3rd

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Two weeks later, early on the beautiful morning of Sunday, October 3rd,  The WQC Quoit Grounds are 

quiet and peaceful before the crowds arrive, with only one lone creature wandering aimlessly among the pits...

The pits were uncovered and the plastic sheeting was spread out by the creek, ready in case of any more rain.

Many of the pits are still shaded from the early-morning sun as teams begin to arrive for morning registration.  At right, the quoits are ready to go, lined up along side the pins.  The sod has been cut away in 3-foot squares to form the pits in the lawn, and the pins have all been

painted white for visibility.


Blue Foul lines were then spray-painted on the grass

on both sides of each pit.  Oops! You REALLY don't want to  sit down right there for a break - NOT a good idea!

When asked why Troy Frey of Quoits.info was unable to attend this year's WQC, Ken Kaas joked:  "I don't know.  I think he's hosting a Tupperware party or something...!"

Thanks a bunch, Ken! Maybe next year we'll schedule the rain date during YOUR Longaberger Basket party!!

A distant view of the WQC Quoit Grounds, from the bank of the creek that runs along the edge of Big Dog's property.

Could anyone have asked for a nicer day than this one?

A view of the creek, now much lower, calmer and clearer than it was two weekends before.  Note how high the water had to rise during Hurricane Ivan in order to overflow this bank and flood the grounds...

Free parking for the WQC was available in the grass farm field across Amity Avenue from the Quoit Grounds.

A view looking up Amity Avenue from the Quoit Grounds.  The Boyertown Pike (Rt. 562) is at the end of this street, directly in front of the brown cornfield at center of photo. 

Participants were placed into 6 divisions for the Pool Play portion of the tournament.  The divisions were named after various metals:  Zinc, Iron, Lead,

Steel, Brass, and Titanium.

Willie Wandress and Pam Kaas take their place at the  registration table and begin to sign-in the arrivals.  A total of 87 teams would come to compete, a nice increase over the 60 teams who attended in 2003.


Pam and Willie interrogate Mark Snoberger,

one of the 2003 Defending Champions,

while Gary Walters waits his turn.

 Jeff "Money" Biddell (far left) and Brad Sperow,

of the team "Money Pits"  check-in,

 as the long "soup-line" forms behind them

A pair of Championship jackets await the winning team of the 2004 World Quoit Championship. There will also be a set of brass USQA Quoits to award to the winners as well

A close-up of one of the Jackets. "USQA World Champions 2004" is emblazoned on the striped trim. 

Ken Kaas conducts the morning briefing of rules and procedures to the entire group before the tournament begins.

Ken demonstrates how NOT to pitch, by stepping beyond

the foul line - "This isn't Horseshoes, Guys!"

The crowd is instructed how to reset the pins when they get knocked out place from play.

Gee, isn't he done talking YET? 

C'mon, let's play already...


And the 2004 WQC finally begins! 

Gentlemen (and Ladies!), take your places in the pits! 

Lets have a clean fight, with no pitching below the belt!  Here we look down the middle of Pits 1-20 as the competition swings into action.

Pits 21-30 (left) were directly behind the 20-pit row, just to the side of the two large canopy tents, and close to the food tent.  

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