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 Hurricane Ivan Postponement


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Friday, September 17th
With confirmation from short-range weather reports that rain was on the way for the day of the 2004 World Quoit Championship, every attempt was made to allow the tournament to go on as scheduled.  Ken Kaas, Chairman of the WQC, decided to construct canopies over the pits to keep them from getting soaked by the rain during tournament play.  Since Ken also organizes The Pottstown Rumble, a huge, local volleyball tournament held annually, he had access to a large quantity of volleyball nets , which could be used to form a framework to support plastic sheeting laid across them.  In a mad dash to get the structures up in time for the WQC, a small crew of people donated their time and muscle to help erect as many nets as possible the day before the tournament. 


Rick Walters has yet to break a sweat as he 

prepares to set up one of the volleyball nets 

between the pits.


The volley ball nets add some unexpected color that 

contrasts the gray skies over the quoit grounds. 


Dreary, rainy conditions were the rule as the guys spread out more nets between each of the 30 set of pits.


Plastic tarps are laid over the top of the volleyball nets to form a roof over the row of pits to help keep them dry.

Saturday, September 18th

After a day of heavy rain squalls on Friday, the Saturday forecast was for even more heavy rain and gusty winds all day. Flood warnings were posted for every County in southeast Pennsylvania.   This photo was taken about 8:00 am Saturday Morning.  Volleyball nets needed to support plastic tarps over the pits had been partially setup, but it was just too blustery to bother finishing the job.   The tents and canopies were all either on the ground or falling down, as seen in the photo above.  The ground was saturated with rain and was very swampy.  A decision was made to wait until 10:00 am to determine if the weather would clear enough to allow the tournament to start. Nearly all of the 90 registered teams arrived on site even with the adverse weather conditions, and waited patiently to find out if the tournament would be played or postponed.

Willie Wandress tromps through the swampy grass while 

everyone else tries to keep dry.  The deep tire tracks at 

lower left show just how soft the ground really was...


As more people began to arrive for the tournament, the skies darkened and the rain and winds began again.

Looking toward the creek, rows of plastic sheeting stretch into the distance, protecting the long rows of pits from the rain. Volleyball nets can be seen strung between the pits closest to the creek.

A close-up image of the photo at left shows the creek already at it's banks and climbing steadily.  By 10:00 the stream was well over it's banks and was slowly 

advancing toward the pits.

Both large canopy tents had collapsed to the ground, and at lower left a smaller tent was blown flat from the wind.

Another close-up image of the photo at left shows the creek had turned chocolate-brown with frothy rapids as it churned downstream. 

At 10:00 am, A vote was taken to see how many teams wanted to play in heavy rain or postpone the WQC until the following day. 

In the photo at left,  players line up to cast their votes at the registration table inside the garage.

It was eventually decided that the ground was too swampy for either day - the lawn would be totally devastated by all the foot traffic from the tournament - so the event was postponed for two weeks.  Those players who were hunters informed the group that Saturday October 2nd was Opening Day of archery season, so the re-scheduled date was set for Sunday, October 3rd to avoid a conflict.  

With the decision finally made, everyone dejectedly packed up their belongings and went home, hopeful to return in 15 days to much better weather conditions...  

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