The National Governing Body for the Outdoor Pitching Sport of Traditional
American Quoits 4 Pound Competition Weight Steel Quoits










Theoretical WQC

  Cash Prize Awards

Example Award Layout for 90 Teams

1st  Place $1000
2nd  Place $700
3rd  Place $500
4th  Place $500
5th  Place $200
6th  Place $200
7th  Place $200
8th  Place $200
9th  Place $150
10th  Place $150
11th  Place $150
12th  Place $150
13th  Place $150
14th  Place $150
15th  Place $150
16th  Place $150
17th  Place $80
18th  Place $80
19th  Place $80
20th  Place $80
21st  Place $80
22nd  Place $80
23rd  Place $80
24th  Place $80
25th  Place $80
26th  Place $80
27th  Place $80
28th  Place $80
29th  Place $80
30th  Place $80
31st  Place $80
32nd  Place $80



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Mohnton Fish and Game Protective Association, founded in 1895, is a private club dedicated to the shooting sports, hunting, fishing, archery, wildlife conservation, and other outdoor activities.This tournament is the forth of six point tournaments of the season for USQA sanctioned events and is open to any 2 person team and to any combination of Men, Women, & Teens.

Tournament Date:  Saturday, August 5, 2017


Location:  Mohnton Fish & Game, 100 Gun Club Road, Mohnton PA.


 Entry Fee:  Main Tournament $80

Per 2-person team


Check-in:  Between  6:45 - 7:30 AM


Pool Play Begins:   8:00 AM Sharp


$10.00 Late Fee for Any Team Arriving After 7:30am





Possible Total Awards Value

with 90 Teams Participating




Cash and Trophy Prizes

Actual Payouts will be determined by final attendance

and will be announced before start of tournament.


Guaranteed 10 Games in Pool Play

For Every Team pitching in this Event


16 Top-Finishing Playoff Teams Win Cash Prizes

Similar in ratio to the payout values listed in example chart at left. 


Best-of-3-Games Pitched in all Rounds of Playoffs





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2017 Winners

2016 Winners
Keith & Bill Conrad