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Sunday Afternoon Pitch #2

May 4, 2003

Another nice Sunday, the first in May, sees the Pitching Dutchmen out at the pits in daylight once again.  But wait, where ARE all the Pitching Dutchmen?  Looks like a lot of new faces out there on the pits!  Poor attendance results in only eight pitchers today, and 5 of those are first-time visitors!  The Dutchmen introduced the PDQC pits to George "Jorge" Satko, Scott "Mo" Koval, and  Kathy "Kay" Shantz, all from Pottstown, PA; Mark McDevitt from Reading, PA; and John Gerlach from Mount Joy.  The only Pitching Dutchmen present were Troy "Clay Stolzfus" Frey (his newly christened nickname by the visitors) and Kyle and Belinda Mabry.  Even with the low turnout, quite a few hotly contested pitches ensued throughout the afternoon.   Sorry Kyle, I got mug shots of everyone but you today - so you've been spared from all the comic relief below!! 

With that, on to the excitement!  These photos are in order, left to right down the page.  Warning:  Please don't hurt yourself on the captions, I do believe I did a fair job on them this time!...Enjoy!

Clay Stolzfus stares down the camera after pitching his quoits,                       Mark McDevitt concentrates before making his pitch as     
while Jorge bends over to pick up a bar of soap Clay dropped                         Belinda Mabry waits her turn. Meanwhile, Kay and Mo     
 behind him (oh wait, my mistake! That's actually just a can                           argue profusely over a tight grouping of quoits in the       
  of soda!)...Meanwhile, Kay and Mo are locked in a heated duel                                                          background                                            
        on the far pits.                                                                                                                             

Belinda drops one into the far pit as Mark prepares to pitch.                    See that?! Can't you see mine's closer?!  Look at it!  Where's
Clay grimaces as  the quoit barely misses splintering the                        
the Referee! C'mon, you know mine's closer! You can dig
front edge of the box!  Meanwhile, Kay and Mo are off-screen,                              all you want, Ref!  It's my point, I'm tellin' ya,             
still arguing over their most recent pitch...                                                                I can see it from here!!"             

Mark smiles as he tries to ignore all the commotion coming from             OK, it's bad enough they fight over who's quoit is closer, but NOW
the other pits, and takes his shot at the opposing pin.                                      they're even fighting over who gets to throw first!      
Jorge, obviously under the influence of "The Worlds Finest Vodka",                      Kay and Mo decide they're just going to pitch at the            
amusingly observes Kay and Mo from a "safe" distance!                               same time, Dammit!!  On the near court, Belinda and    
    Clay, oblivious to practically everything,  seems to be busy                      Mark size up their last pitch, but neither looks too happy about it..
practicing some steering techniques for an upcoming Driver's Exam.                                                                                                                         


Well, looks like they're STILL at it in the outfield - that score must be                  Later in the afternoon, visitor John Gerlach makes his rookie       
65-64 by now.  Someone, please pitch a game with them already!                    appearance on the PDQC pitcher's mound.  Wisely, he keeps     
Does that scoreboard even count up that high? I bet you're getting                      to the front pits away from all that excitement in left field.      
        some serious calluses on that index finger of yours!                                                                                                                                  

Yep, that John fellow sure seems to be pitching more confidently                             Yes-sir-ee, he sure has that "Aw Crap, Why Me?"               
             this season. Look at that form!                                                       
look on his face that really sums up the  moment!

Mo stomps his foot in disgust as Kay puts another point on him!                         Mo feigns a bad left leg and limps around trying to        
Meanwhile, Mike and John appear to be having a tad more                                         make an excuse for losing to his Sister.            
civilized game here on the front pits                                                                                                                       

Good ol' Clay Stolzfus was unlucky enough to pitch against Kay in                                                   
Kay Gloats...Go home, Kay.                              
the finals
and tossed a nice ringer to supposedly win the best-of-3.                                                                                                                             
But Kay
somehow managed to roll a ringer on top of the                                                                                                                              
extremely short pin with her LAST quoit, for the win.