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The Pottstown PA 

14th Annual Spring Fling 

April 27, 2003

The Quoit Master again traveled to Pottstown, Pennsylvania on Sunday, April 27th, to attend the Springtime version of the Quoit tournament organized by Ken Kaas and hosted by Karl Smith.  This tournament is held twice a year, on the first Sunday after Easter and the Last Sunday in September.  Thirty teams competed for $1000 of cash prizes.  The first place team won $300, while the rest of the pot was split among the top 8 teams that finished in the playoffs.  The weather this day was sunny and very warm, and everyone was a nice sunburn red from the hot sun by the end of the day.

Karl Smith has a large front yard in which 10 sets of dirt quoit pits are lined up in a row.  Playing in dirt requires a bit different style of pitching compared to pitching in clay.  The quoits do not stick into the ground like in soft clay, so the quoits must be thrown flatter to avoid excessive bouncing and rolling.

Once again the crowd gathers to pitch quoits as the cooling towers of the Limerick Nuclear Power Station loom nearby.  
Karl Smith's home, just outside Pottstown, PA, has been the site for this event for many years.

The pins must all be set to the proper height before the                        Ken Kaas gives some pre-game instructions and       
 tournament begins Don't tire yourself out too much                     reviews the tournament procedures with all the teams.
              before the tournament, guys!                                              The score sheets are ready to go on the tables,
                                                                                                             with some classy-looking bricks to hold them down.
                                                                                                       Let the games begin!

The first pitch of the day starts in earnest. Look at all the                                        suspects on other side of the pits                   
suspicious-looking characters in this police lineup!                                                   pose for their profile shots!                  

Beer and cigars are a necessary staple at any quoit tournament!     Competitor shows perfect "pointing form" in his follow-through




Dennis the (camera lens) menace!  A sight for sore eyes, for sure!                                   waiting his turn                                            

 The playoffs begin mid-afternoon with the top 16 seeded teams from the regulation play. 

Drawing from the hat                                                                                                 

         Ken Kass                                                                                          Willie Wandress


   Ringlord                                                                                             Semifinals

Semifinals                                                                                                          Finals

  And the winners show us what they think of                                           The runners-up look a little more subdued and 
themselves after their stellar performance!                                                are already contemplating their revenge   
                                                                                                               in the Fall Tournament!

The day is not complete without the required group photo!  This crowd's pose looks strikingly similar to last Fall's group!  

Cheers, everyone!