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"The Pitching Dutchmen's Quoit Night Out #7"

October 3, 2001

An entire week of 80-degree-plus warm weather prompted the Pitching Dutchmen to schedule one last Quoit Night Out party late in the season. A hasty invitation was sent out to all on Monday for a Wednesday evening outing, but even with the short notice, an excellent turnout of 15 people was realized.  The weather was warm enough throughout the entire evening for shorts and T-shirts, and games were still being played after midnight!  We even had a few new attendees this time around, and they took to the pits with little trepidation, albeit with little form and grace sometimes, also!  Sadly, this was the last Quoit Night Out in Troy "Mervin Weaver" Frey's backyard, as he will be tearing out the pits in the following week to prepare to move to his new home next month, being built a few blocks away.  Fear not, for new, even better pits are in the plans for next year, hopefully featuring TWO sets of clay boxes for our viewing audience's entertainment!  See you there next year!

The sun is just setting as the early evening games begin one last time           "Abe Zimmerman" sends the Bronze ring toward the other pit.  A can
   on these soon-to-be-retired pits.  Craig Greenholt pitches his                       of red spray paint used to paint the pins between games can be
                 quoit past Josh "Abe Zimmerman" Curtis.                                         seen sitting on the "Beer Shelf" next to Abe.  Painting the pins
                                                                                                                          helps with visibility, as they become dirty and hard to see
                                                                                                                       against the clay backgroud during play.

        John "Johnny Diffendefer" Kroplesky appears to                                     ...and then his opponent, Fred "Jeremiah Wolgemuth" Rowe
                                                                                                                         seems to be walking the balance beam during his pitch

           Belinda "Sadie Mellinger" Mabry takes her turn as Brad                      Newbie Bagel-Flicker Jared "Jebodiah Heffelfinger" Hess exercises his
                  "Edam Smucker" Kramer holds up the fence.                                   calf muscles during his first PDQC event.  "Abe Zimmerman" looks  
                                                                                                                        like he's up to no good sneaking up behind Jebodiah!

      "Edam Smucker" displays both his fine quoiting form and                            Throwing against an inexperienced quoit pitcher can sometimes
  his muscles.  His quoiting attire is looking a little worn,                                      be hazardous!  After the previous two quoits thrown by
           Somebody ought to get that man a new suit!                                              "Jebodiah Heffelfinger" bounced out of the pits and into 
                                                                                                                                Edam's foot, the aging but still somewhat agile Edam was
                                                                                                                                 prepared for Jeb's next wild pitch and acted accordingly!
                                                                                                                                  The third offending quoit is visible lying in the grass below the
                                                                                                                                  leaping fence-climber.  Jebodiah needs to work on arcing his quoit
                                                                                                                                  little higher to keep them in the pit where they can't bite someone!

  Jebodiah shows us another of his many mind boggling skills -                                              Dick "Ira Bomberger" Parsons pitches against The 
    One-Legged, Quoit-Balanced, Sneaker-Heeled Calf-Scratching -                                         The Quoit Master himself, Troy "Mervin Weaver" Frey.
While Greg "Ivan Zook" Sollenberger snaps his fingers and kicks up his                                                                                                                            
heels to the music.  Folks, this is the finest example of                                                                                                                          
Dutchman Pit-Dancing as I've ever seen in these here parts...                                                                                                                         

      Rick "Jakey Stoltzfus" Noll grimaces as he puts a                                            Two more rookie quoit pitchers try their hand at the pits.           
monumental effort into his throw, so much so that                                      Dave "Isaac Fasnacht" Lechlitner and Jay "Jay Martin" Martin   
    his blindingly swift movements are blurred                                           Either they are really enjoying their new-found hobby, or they are
                    in the camera lens!                                                              laughing at themselves...Remember: Always pitch with a smile!

         Those waiting for the pits relax and watch the antics of the players                         The "B" team has a good score here, with four points for  the  
                From left: "Jeremiah Wolgemuth", "Edam Smucker",                                        Ringer and a Point.  Poor "A" left one way out in center field!
Randy Flick, and "Jay Martin".                                                                                                                   

   "Johnny Diffenderfer" moves the black peg a notch or two higher             Randy Flick lines up his shot while "Edam Smucker" takes a quick snooze 
             for the "B" team.  Looks like "A" is falling                                          against the fence. Looks like these guys are both lobbying
             way behind in this game!                                                                      for Deck Shoes to become the official pitching 
                                                                                                                    footwear of the PDQC!

  Another fine score in the pits!  Even though these are both "She" Quoits,                 "Ira Bomberger" does a little mud-packing in the pits, tamping
      we like to count them in informal play.  These two quoits are                               down the clay after it becomes riddled with indentations
from the same team so they score five points for the lucky thrower.                               and ridges from the heavy quoits.  The club needs to  
                                                                                                                                     purchase a  proper tamper for this job.

"Isaac Fasnacht" spies a UFO hovering in the night sky over the pits.  The aliens are probably taking notes to build their own quoit pits back on their home planet!   "Jay Martin" and Randy Flick appear to have already been struck with the aliens freeze ray... .then the alien spacecraft swoops down for a closer look at the intriguing pit construction.  Sorry, I'm laying it on a little too thick now , don't you think?!